A short text for recruiters which might answer some questions.

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Terms and Conditions

Part Time

Because of work-live balance (care for family members) I prefer to work part time (which is for me usually less work days and not less hours a day). I could and can arrange business trips or more hours in some weeks - but flexibility should be on both sides.

Location: Munich East / Home Office

My location is the East of Munich (Germany), the company I work for should allow home office most of the time.

Linux, Programming but no Windows

I do network, Linux (and Unix) and Scripting (Bash, Python), but I don't administrate Windows (even if I might consult users who need to connect from Windows to Linux or run virtual environments).


I like automation (or rather: for me it is awful not to automate to some extend) and documentation. If appropriate, I like to teach.

Silent work environment

Important: I need to concentrate to do my (sometimes rather complex) work - I like people, but I am not productive on open plan and cube farm (or other noisy) environments. After the pandemic I'm open to some office visits for coordination and similar, but would usually work from home.

Permanent Recruitment only

I am only interested in permanent recruitment.

Ms. Breitkopf or Hella

Small hint for the form of address: It is "Ms. Breitkopf" or Hella, Hella is a female first name1).

Social Networks & Contact

Still interested?

Professional "Social Network":

Most of my projects are internal and not found on Github.


Experiences (Topics)

To following topics I've mentioned here on my homepage in more than one article. It is not representative to my work! (Sorry, most articles are in German.)

Under-represented (among others): Apache, Google Cloud, Ansible, …

Experiences -v (for geeks)

Got my first production root password 1998, full sysadmin since 2000.

Configured and administrated lots of different Unix and Linux derivates: AIX, HP-UX, SuSE, Redhat, Gentoo, Debian, Ubuntu and others. Build of Software and RPM Packages.

I've configured and administrated Firewalls, Router, Switches and Loadbalancers from Cisco, Palo Alto, Genua, HP, 3Com and Linux Based.

Servers in the Cloud on Google (GCP) and Kubernetes *, a bit Azure, AWS or Hetzner, programming data transfer to BigQuery, GSuite administration

Mailserver with Postfix, IMAP-server with Dovecot, DNS with Bind.

Lots of different LAMP stacks. Most experience with Apache, but also NGINX. Webcaching with Varnish. Some MySQL and Postgres. Cisco and F5 Loadbalancers.

Monitoring with Munin and Icinga and Zabbix and Cacti and …

Automation with Ansible, earlier Puppet, earlier bash & ssh & hope ;-).

I know some Python (currently improving my Python3 Skills) and Bash and forgotten nearly all C, C++, Perl, Lisp, KSH. I know enough HTML & CSS and PHP to fit web applications.

As one can see on this webpage (ok, more on the german part of it): I like to document. Wikis are great, every team should have something of the kind (I also install and configure it). If it is a good wiki, one can write automatic documentation to it (one of my biggest Python project was recording full web stack from loadbalancer over all web caches to the single apache).

I've participated twice in relocating a data center, the second time as lead planner.

Dieser Text auf deutsch *.

Don't laugh, probably all female IT professionals I know get recruiter messages to "Mr.", now and then
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