Wiki at the Enterprise


Smuggling Wikis to the Enterprise

Me: Hella Breitkopf

This Wiki: DokuWiki

Wiki Software

Wiki-Software used by the BOF participants:

  • DokuWiki
  • Mediawiki
    • Pro: well known, support?, easy to embed images/objects, edit parts
    • Con: weak editor
    • further pros and cons to mediawiki
  • TWiki with extensions
  • WackoWiki
    • Pro: rich language, attachments, reasonable editor, versioning
    • Con: no locking, hard to embed images/objects, no integration with user-db, no editing of parts
  • wikiserver (managed box) -- based on Qwiki
    • email to the wiki
  • UseMod
  • MoinMoin
  • WikkaWiki (somehow related with WackoWicki)

important features

  • Usability
  • ACL (Authorization, groups?)
  • Versioning + Diff
  • Authentication (existing back-ends, LDAP / AD e.g.)
  • Name spaces
  • Search
  • Availability
  • Backups / Data storage (if you go larger …)
  • Export to other format / migration

number of users / contributors

  • critical mass
  • useful content
  • upload vs. link (mapped drives)

future: webdav interface in socialtext

See also:

If you've been to the BOF and want to add / correct / link and found out the pw/user combination I wrote to the flip chart didn't work1), send an e-mail to

The password was ok, but not the username - do s/2006/user/
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