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More About Hella Breitkopf

Who, What, Where?

  • name: Hella Breitkopf
  • age: over 30
  • place of residence: east of Munich, Germany1)
  • gender: female

Job & Mission

I'm an Unix system administrator, i.e. I care about maintenance and operation of computers with the operating system Unix and computer networks. Support, advise and training for the colleagues using these computers and networks belongs to that. (–>system_administrator).

Friends & Hobbies

In my (rare) spare time I meet friends, discover new worlds in books and role-play, go sailing very infrequently.


You can send me e-mail to:

Encrypted e-mail is welcome, please use following PGP public key: PGP-key.

1) yes, that Munich in Bavaria
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